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A survival kit is a collection of basic items that, when combined, can be used to survive in the wild or at home. Survival kits can be assembled according to the situation. You can start your own survival gear business by connecting with Wholesale Survival Club. Click here to sign up with WSC. Tax id or business license required.

There are many different types of survival kits. These differ based on what size and weight they need to be, how long they should last, and what their expected use will be (urban vs. wilderness). For example, someone who is planning to spend a weekend in the woods may carry a small kit with them while someone who is planning to spend 6 months in the wilderness may carry a much larger kit with them.

Every family or business should have a survival kit. It is better to have a survival kit and not need one than it is to need a survival kit and not have one.

The basic components of most survival kits include: food, water purification and filtration devices, first aid supplies, emergency shelter materials such as a tent, poncho, thermal blanket or sleeping bag, tools such as knives or multitools, flashlights and extra batteries. These items can be sourced from USA wholesale survival kit distributors & wholesale drop shippers.

A survival kit is a package of basic items that will help you survive in the wilderness or in an emergency situation. There are many different types of kits, from small ones that fit in your pocket to large kits you can use at home. Some kits include food and water; others cover only water purification. Different types of kits are needed for different situations, such as car kits or evacuation kits. Having your own survival kit business can be very rewarding. Keep your overhead low by using US based wholesale survival gear distributors and wholesale drop shippers. Wholesale survival club is highly rated by our members. You will need proper business licensing to join Wholesale Survival Club. Call (760)994-0710 for more information or to sign up.

It’s important to have a survival kit, because it can save your life in an emergency situation. A survival kit should contain at least some of the following items:

Food: Energy bars, dried fruit and nuts

Water purification tablets or filter (3 liters per person)

Emergency whistle

Matches and fire starter (lighter fluid)

Ferro Rod

First Aid Kit that includes- bandages, gauze pads, antibiotic ointment, aspirin or acetaminophen tablets

The best way to survive a natural disaster or emergency is to be prepared. Your survival kit should contain items that will help you stay warm, dry, and fed in case you are stranded away from home for an extended period of time.

The exact items you need depend on the type of emergency your family faces. For example, if you live in an area prone to flooding or hurricanes, your kit should have provisions for floodwaters or high winds. If your area is prone to wildfires or earthquakes, you may want items that will help protect your family during these types of emergencies. Also, if you have a dog or cat, there are some pet survival kits available.

All survival kits should include:

-Water: 1 gallon per person per day (about 4 quarts)

-Food: at least a 3-day supply of nonperishable food

-First aid kit – medication and medical supplies recommended by a doctor (such as prescription medications if needed)

-Multi-tool knife – includes knife blade and can opener; folding/fixed blade versions are available

-Matches in a waterproof container

-Firestarter – matches are better than flint and steel because they’re more reliable; matches should be kept in a waterproof container so they don’t get wet

The best survival kit is the one you have with you, so it’s important to make sure that your survival kit is always with you.

Waterproof matches and/or flint & steel

Toilet paper and towel

Food rations (ration bars, MREs, etc.)

Extra clothing (jacket, shirts, pants, socks)

Start a survival gear business by selecting a membership package from Wholesale Survival Club USA. Drop shipping is available from several partner US warehouses.

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